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Do your research.

Your Photo Collection Inventory - Take a look at your photo collection. Decide what you
1.) shoot most;
2.) portrait well; and
3.) enjoy shooting. Identify and categorize your photos into different niches, which are portraits, sports, charm, pets, children, landscapes, etc.

Photographic Market Research - Perform internet searches using the words "niche photography". Also, use the kind of niche that you think suits your photos. For example, "niche event photography," "niche wedding photography," etc. Also, a good resource to help identify multiple photo markets is rnb2 photography "The Photographer's Market." This is a book published every year and claims to provide contact and photo purchase information. Online search is the most helpful, in my opinion. Books by authors and photographers, Dan Heller is a great place to gain a better understanding of the vast world of photography, without all the 'artistic hype', in my opinion.

Identify 'Real' Markets - Find out what kind of photography (your specialty) your customers are buying right now. What type of photography is for sale? At some point, you have to 'balance' the reality of various niches. There may be some inconsistent factors in all photography niches. For example, some niches require a longer "workflow" (workflow is a post-production process to take photos) periods and tasks than others. Higher-quality portraits typically require photo editing - which is time consuming. Event photography requires the processing, packaging and delivery (presentation) of photos. The Real Story: I checked my large collection of photos and discovered that I had a lot of amazing flowers. I can not begin to tell you my disappointment when I find that there is 'almost' no flower photo market - it seems everyone already has it, all of it! Lessons learned - identify 'real' markets. see for more info photography reference
Ten Tips To Help You Identify Your Niche

Identify the specializations that fit your style:

Decide if you have the equipment needed for that niche
Do you have any identifiable and specific expertise in this niche field - can you articulate it?
Who is your target audience
What type of photography they buy the most
Where they take their current photography business - your competitors
What will be different from your service
Does your residence support your preferred niche
Is your niche 'stock photography' or 'photography assignment' - do you know the difference
What are the potential and future trends of your niche

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